One on one Kitesurfing lessons

Lesson Info:

PILOT SCHOOL beginner lesson

Fundamental safety, wind theory, rigging, launching and flying an inflatable kite on the water. Water re-launching skills, basic navigation and self-rescue protocols are primary goals. Basic power strokes with the kite, body dragging downwind as well as across the wind will make learning fun. If you’re in control, you might even get to try water starting with the board!

Best Value for Your Dollar

Lets face it, no one learns at the same pace. At South Padre Island Kiteboarding, our years of experience have proven that students get more value for your dollar when lessons are tailored to your specific needs. Unlike a camp atmosphere where you can be held back by a slower student, or intimidated by more aggressive students or just waiting and filling time with long group discussions. All our lessons are tailored for your specific needs. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals, many who have been teaching since the inception of kiteboarding in 2000. We utilize proven instruction methods to help you learn safely and easily.

A true private lesson that provides you with undivided attention from your instructor, all the equipment and the additional support of a modern 4 stroke Waverunner for when you start getting rides. This lesson is ideal for anyone and everyone that is serious about being a kiteboarder.


$150.00 per hour with 2-3 hr time slots. please email or call us to book your spot today.

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