Kiteboarding Lessons

South Padre Island Texas is a premier destination for learning to kiteboard. The miles of flat water in the Laguna Madre and steady winds offer an unparalleled learning environment. At South Padre Island Kiteboarding we have years of experience as well as the gear to get you started or simply to help take your kiteboarding to the next level.

1 on 1 Kiteboarding Instruction With Jet Ski Assist

Lets face it, no one learns at the same pace. At South Padre Island Kiteboarding, our years of experience have proven that students get more value for your dollar when lessons are tailored to your specific needs. Unlike a camp atmosphere where you can be held back by a slower student, or intimidated by more aggressive students or just waiting and filling time with long group discussions. All our lessons are tailored for your specific needs. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals, many who have been teaching since the inception of kiteboarding in 2000. More information.

One on one Kitesurfing lessons

2 on 1 Kite Instruction

What a great thing to experience with a friend or family member! A Intro Lesson to Kiteboarding! As the name suggests, this is a Intro Lesson with two students and one instructor. This lesson is ideally suited for family and friends that are at or near the same beginner level. More information.

Two on one jet ski assisted kitesurfing lesson

Advanced 1 on 1 Kite Instruction

If your looking to progress your kiting beyond mowing the lawn, a ride-a-long advanced Kiteboarding lesson is the most efficient way to achieve your goals. More information.

Advanced kitesurfing lessons

Kite Foilboard Lessons

Why?  How does it work? How hard is it?  Where can I try one? Where do I take a lesson?

These are just a few of the many questions we hear about foilboarding. More information.

Kite foilboarding lesson

Downwind Tours

Ride and not have to worry about staying up wind, jumping, transitions, toe side, back roll, etc….

All of these things are possible to try or work on and perfect while on a downwind tour with one of our kiteboarding Instructors.  Downwind tours are ideal for individuals or small groups. More information.

Downwind Tours

Supervised Demo/Rental

This is what every beginner student needs to get to the next level.

Time to practice and perfect your skills on your own, using all of our equipment. Our instructor will “caddy” for you. More information.

Supervised Demo