Downwind Tours


Ride and not have to worry about staying up wind, jumping, transitions, toe side, back roll, etc….

All of these things are possible to try or work on and perfect while on a downwind tour with one of our kiteboarding instructors.  Downwind tours are ideal for individuals or small groups, and will give you the ability to try the same thing over and over and not have to worry about going back upwind. This will help you to improve many of your skills with the additional support of an instructor. The instructor will be able to demonstrate what you should look like for certain skills and tricks as well as offer certified safety support. Down winders also offer a great way to progress at your own pace away from crowds and only with your friends. These downwind tours are approx. 4 to 6 miles in distance.


Because this is a custom service the price is based on your needs. $40 hr up to $100 hr per person

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